Banner Vinyl

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2X2, 2X3, 2X4, 2X5, 2X6, 2X7, 2X8, 2X9, 2X10, 3X2, 3X3, 3X4, 3X5, 3X6, 3X7, 3X8, 3X9, 3X10, 4X2, 4X3, 4X4, 4X5, 4X6, 4X7, 4X8, 2X9, 4X10, 5X2, 5X3, 5X4, 5X5, 5X6, 5X7, 5X8, 5X9, 5X10, 6X2, 6X3, 6X4, 6X5, 6X6, 6X7, 6X8, 6X9, 6X10, 7X2, 7X3, 7X4, 7X5, 7X6, 7X7, 7X8, 7X9, 7X10, 8X2, 8X3, 8X4, 8X5, 8X6, 8X7, 8X8, 8X9, 8X10, 9X2, 9X3, 9X4, 9X5, 9X6, 9X7, 9X8, 9X9, 9X10, 10X2, 10X3, 10X4, 10X5, 10X6, 10X7, 10X8, 10X9, 10X10, 11X2, 11X3, 11X4, 11X5, 11X6, 11X7, 11X8, 11X9, 11X10, 12X2, 12X3, 12X4, 12X5, 12X6, 12X7, 12X8, 12X9, 12X10, 13X2, 13X3, 13X4, 13X5, 13X6, 13X7, 13X8, 13X9, 13X10


13oz, 15oz, 18oz


1 Side, 2 Sides


Yes, No


Yes, No

Pole Pockets

Right Only, Left Only, Bottom Only, Top Only, Top And Bottom, None

Wind Slits

Yes, No


Bottom Only, Top Only, Top and Bottom, None

Hole Spacing

Corners Only, Every 6-12 Inches, Every 1-2 Feet, Every 2-3 Feet

Hole Sides

Top/Left/Right, Top/Left/Bottom, Top/Right/Bottom, Top/Right/Bottom, Left/Right/Bottom, Top Left, Top Right, Top & Bottom, Top Only, Bottom Only


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